Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Good bye my fellow DX-er and distinguish radio hobbyists!

First of all I’d like to show my heartfelt GRATITUDE and special thanks to my fellow DX-er, distinguish radio hobbyists as well as visitor of my blog for their very kindest supports, cooperation and encouragements. I am so happy that my blog has exceeded 100 thousand hit in a short time. Without your help and love it would not possible.

You may notice that since last few months I was totally inactive to update my blog. Due to some personal problems and some financial limitations it is not possible for me to run this blog. I apologize to each and everyone for any inconveniences. I can’t express my real felling that how upset I am to write this post. I have been listening short-wave radio since my childhood (almost two and half decade). Radio is always my best companion. I will never forget it. I consider short-wave radio is my blood. 

I had tried my level best to bring most up-to-date, accurate and important news on broadcasting industry. But my special interest was to community radio that speaks about the peoples of voiceless. I also tried to discover such information those are seen a little bit in the mainstream media and let the peoples who love radio and supports radio.

Thanks you and Good Bye!

I wish a great and enjoyable life for every human being.

Kindest regards,





  1. Come back please. SWL hobby needs bloggers like you.

  2. All Dxers around the World need men as you! Not is necessary that you update daily, when you can. We hope you! 73 DE XE-SWL-24-01

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  4. Sometimes things don't go right but it last for a short time.
    If you must leave,let things sit so when you come back you do not have to start from scratch or maybe get some local hams to help support
    BOB AF2Q

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