Friday, July 20, 2012

London Games Get Ready for Radio

Radio broadcasters from around the globe will cover the 2012 Olympic Games beginning with the opening ceremonies on July 27.
A total of 1,275 broadcast commentary positions are available when all venues are counted; each position accommodates one, two or three people. Approximately 18 percent of bookings for these commentary positions are from radio rights-holding broadcasters, or RHBs, according to Matt Mason, director of information and publications for Olympic Broadcasting Services. 

OBS, an agency of the International Olympic Committee responsible for providing continuity in Olympic coverage, has been host broadcaster for all Olympics Games since 2008. Based on Mason’s numbers, radio broadcasters will occupy up to 288 commentary positions through the London Olympic Games site. BBC Radio will be use 46 of those, which is interesting to a large part of the readership of RW’s sister publication Radio World International.

As part of what it’s calling the first “digital Olympics,” the BBC will provide coverage of the Games on a temporary station dedicated to the Games transmitting a DAB signal. 

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(Source : Radio World)

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