Sunday, January 06, 2013

Dominica: Catholic radio station to be launched

Director of the station, Monsignor William John-Lewis
A Dominican Catholic radio station which aims to evangelise and promote the Catholic faith will officially be launched on Sunday 6th, January 2013.

Director of the station, Monsignor William John-Lewis said the station has been running test signals since November 25th, 2011 and will be used as a tool of evangelisation and bringing the gospel to the masses.

“We will have all the devotions of the Catholic Church, in addition we will have other programmes which will be somehow not only to instruct people on the faith but also deal with life of the people,” he said.
Msgr. John-Lewis added that the main focus of the new station is authentic integral human development.

According to him, programmes on justice, health, counselling, and other aspects of life will be an integral part of the station. He also noted that a vibrant youth programme is being put in place by the youth secretariat for young adults on the island.

“The station will be commercial free and will be sustained by the listeners and people who are sympathetic to the cause,” he noted.

Msgr. John-Lewis stated that they will be calling on Catholics around the island to pledge their support to keep the station up and running.

Meanwhile, he indicated that one major challenge of the station is a not being able to reach the entire island because of a location for the 40ft antenna.

“We have been looking for a spot where we can relocate our transmitter so that we can have a broader coverage and that is still being worked out. However, we have the use of one cable provider Marpin 2k4 and we are in conversation with SAT who have promised to give us a dedicated station,” he pointed out.
The station can also be heard  live on its website

(Source : Dominica News Online)

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